Orioles H3

Roster For Orioles H3:

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Player Photo Name Position Jersey # Bats / Throws
Ceelie, Driss Ceelie, Driss OF   48 ,48   R/R  
Datema, Siebe Datema, Siebe P, OF   29   L/L  
Emden, van, Gerard Emden, van, Gerard   00    
Genderen, van, Lars Genderen, van, Lars   00    
Genderen, van, Niels Genderen, van, Niels C, IF, OF   10   R/R  
Groenendijk, Jens Groenendijk, Jens   00    
Huijser, Dieder Huijser, Dieder P, IF, OF   59   R/R  
Koedood, Aram Koedood, Aram   00    
Koedood, Yoran Koedood, Yoran 3B, OF   00   R/R  
Meulstee, Lennert Meulstee, Lennert P, OF   65   L/L  
Nobel, Emiel Nobel, Emiel   00    
Vrolijk, Ramsey Vrolijk, Ramsey OF   61   R/R